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The Smart City Revenue Collection and Management Application Suite provides superiror secure functionality for

  • Citizen account -  where citizens can manage their online account

    • view bills online​

    • view statelite image of properties and assets 

    • view gps coordinates of assets and properties 

    • view consolidated bills

    • view payment information

    • make arrangements for installment payments

    • verify collectors identity (with collector pictures)

    • verify and authenticate delivered paper bills

    • raise concerns, provide feedback and contact staff

    • Make electronic Payment (mobile money, Card payment and bank transfers)

    • view and use other services provided by public or private institutions

    • etc

  • Revenue collector functionality including

    • online view of bills to be delivered

    • online navigation to property to deliver bill including route mapping

    • digital and automated tracking of deliveries

    • functionality for viewing commissions earned on delivery

    • functionality to collect electronic payments 

    • functionality to collect manual payments 

    • embedded boda security functionality in case of emergency

    • automatic counting and recording of bills deleivered

  • Revenue management  functionality including

    • online view of bills being delivered including collection or distribution staff location

    • automatic recording of bills delivered including deviation of delivery point from expected delivery location

    • automatic assignment of bills to distribution agents

    • automated, real time view of all collections and payments

    • automatic real time view of all bills

    • ability to log calls from citizens and end users

    • ability to print bills

    • ability to send reminders and demand notices

    • SMS and email alerts and notification functionality

    • geospatial information on all properties and assets being billed

    • etc

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