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I am, because You are… brother’s keeper

Where HELP in an emergency, is only 5 Seconds away

Safeguard your personal safety and that of your loved ones in every situation, whether you're feeling uneasy or facing a healthcare emergency or danger. BODA Community's 24/7 Personal Security and Healthcare Agents are only a tap away on the BODA Community app. With a single touch, you can access expert assistance for personal safety concerns and immediate help for healthcare emergencies. Your well-being is readily accessible whenever you need it.


Empower your organization, whether it's a business, university, public sector company, or community, to offer top-tier personal security and safety services to employees and customers. BODA Community provides professional-grade solutions, ensuring peace of mind for all stakeholders. Elevate your commitment to safety and well-being with BODA Community, fostering a secure environment for everyone you serve

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