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Welcome to the BODA Community

how it works

BODA Community Mobile Applications.....

1.    Are global - Automatically regroups to include neighbours within 2 miles of the user’s location (anywhere in the world) so if one moved from Place A to Place B for example, help will arrive from 2 miles within the persons location in Place B

2.    Alerts only require a 5 seconds press of a button and the solution gathers all key information required to get help to the person in distress then broadcasts. 


3.    Sends alert to Neighbours as well as

a.    For SOS – Local registered police, private security companies, neighbourhood watch groups etc
b.    For Medical alert - Local registered healthcare providers, Clinics, Hospitals etc and can optionally include basic medical condition, blood type and allergies 
c.    For Fire Alert - Fire department 

4.    Users can report events such suspected kidnapping, dangerous driving and pretty much any event to appropriate registered entities etc and take pictures or videos as part of the report. 

5.    The alert received (by Neighbours and registered entities) has embedded GPS location and provides most effective and efficient direction for the helper (neighbour or emergency service) to reach the Person in distress

6.    Works with other modules which have features such as 

a.    Watch over me for a period of time - request for you to be monitored for a period of time
b.    Drone dispatch services - with Siren, lights and camera to your incident location and feed the video to appropriate services
c.    My people – selected persons who receive your alerts or for whom you receive their proximity alerts 


Call +233 30 397 2324 or WhatsApp +233 50 740 8183 or to arrange a demo of the various app modules

BODA Community
COVID19 On Boda Communiy

USING BODA Community APP for COVID19


1. Landing Page.jpeg
Press the COVID19 Button
3. Confirm Symptoms.jpeg
Select your symptoms
4. Confirm Submission.jpeg


Apple Landing page.jpeg
Press the MEDICAL Alert
Appl Triage.jpeg
Select your symptoms
Apple Submit.jpeg
COVID 19 AI Enabled Dashboard

USING BODA Community AI enabled COVID19 Dashboard for Coordination Centres

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